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Focused On Defending Washington Traffic Violations Since 1999

At The Law Offices of W. Andrew Phipps, our Newcastle firm has developed a focus on traffic-related issues that allows us to provide our clients with truly effective representation. Since 1999, we have been building cases that defend our clients' rights and their drivers licenses. Let us help you fight for the outcome you need.

At the Law Offices of W. Andrew Phipps, we challenge all varieties of different driving and traffic tickets. If the police have left you with any of the following, our attorneys can help you make things right.

  • Alcohol - Consuming in Moving Vehicle
  • Backing Into or From an Alley
  • Blocking Traffic
  • Brakes - Defective
  • Cell Phones
  • Child Restraint
  • Cross Walks
  • Expired Tabs
  • Defective Mufflers
  • Driving In Bike Lanes
  • Emerging From Alleys or Driveways
  • Failure to Yield Right Of Way
  • Following Too Close
  • Freeway Improper Access
  • HOV Lane
  • Improper Turns
  • Lane Change
  • Left Turn Violations
  • License Plates
  • Minimum Speed
  • Mirrors
  • Motor Cycle License
  • Motorcycle Face Shield
  • No Insurance
  • No Turn Sign
  • Operating Vehicle in Single Lane
  • Passing - Overtaking on the Left
  • Passing - No Passing Zone
  • Passing - Overtaking on the Right
  • Red Lights
  • Right of Way
  • Speed - General Speed
  • Speed Too Fast For Conditions
  • Speed in Posted Zone
  • Speed on Arterial Highway
  • Stop Signs
  • Stop Signals
  • Tail Lamps
  • Throwing Debris
  • Traffic Control Devices
  • Traffic Lane Changes
  • Turn Signals Required
  • Turns - U Turn Restrictions

Effective Traffic Ticket Defense

Putting forward an effective defense against traffic violations can help you avoid consequences like jail and fines as well as save you money on insurance for years to come. To schedule a free initial consultation with a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney, call 425-688-0787 or contact us online.

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