Assault Defense

Maybe an argument became too heated or someone jumped you and you had to defend yourself. No matter how you found yourself facing assault charges, what matters now is how you respond.

The Evidence You Need May Be Disappearing

People often believe that they have time to decide whether or not they will hire an attorney to defend them against assault charges. The fact is that extremely valuable evidence may be disappearing as you wait to make that decision. Surveillance camera footage may be recorded over. Witnesses may be harder to locate. Only by acting sooner rather than later do you give yourself the best opportunity to fully defend yourself against assault charges.

Protecting Our Clients Since 1999

At The Law Offices of W. Andrew Phipps, we are skilled at crafting strong defenses that protect our clients' rights. We know that often assault cases can hinge on whose side of the story the jury or judge believes. We know where to look for the evidence necessary to build highly effective cases for our clients. Attorney Andrew Phipps has been delivering skilled criminal defense representation for his clients since 1999. He can help you clearly and persuasively illustrate your case.

Effective Assault Defense In Newcastle, Bellevue, and all over Washington

Assault charges can carry severe consequences. Do not face them without experienced legal guidance. To schedule a free initial consultation with a skilled and experienced criminal defense attorney, call 425-688-0787 or contact us online.

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